Sunday, January 9, 2011

recovering from the flu, taking it easy, thoughts on the future

Thursday I was completely wiped out by what my doctor called the flu. I had a fever of 102.7F, my heart-rate was elevated, and to complicate things furture my asthma was acting up. She almost sent me to the hospital, but I'm glad that she decided to treat me herself and let me go home. I am feeling tons better! Getting some real sleep, not waking up in the middle of the night coughing and wheezing, things are looking up! I am officially back on my asthma medications, which makes me happy because now I know I won't be suffering every time I'm around Bean/in my room. That's just ridiculous. Speaking of which, I am in the progress of writing an article on how to clean up around rabbit allergies. It's a lot of habits I need to set in place personally, and by writing about it I hope to have something I can reference to, and something for others who may be having issues. I feel like the more resources out there for rabbit allergy suffers, the more empowered people will be to manage their allergies rather than re-homing their pets.

Last night was quiet, went to anime night at a friend's house where we are watching more Gurren Langann. Fantastic show, by the way, you can catch it on Hulu and SyFy. I went back to work this morning, we had a really nice steady day. Since it's January, we have a lot of vaccination appointments. Even with all three doctors there, it wasn't too crazy.

After work I came home, ate lunch, caught up on internet stuff, and then took a 4 hour nap LOL. Sorted and cleaned the upstairs bathroom that is shared by my sister and I. Trying to upkeep a habit of picking up after myself more, as an all-over effort of just making the house more peaceful and clean. Even if my siblings don't follow suite, at least I'm creating a healthy life habit, and I'll stay on my dad's good side.

The next 9 months are going to be weird. I'm done with my AFA requirements, so I'm only taking one ceramics class next semester, and that's it (contemplating a 8 week, twice a week yoga class, but it starts at 7am D:). Over the summer I felt depressed because I wasted a lot of free time with the usual mind-clutter. I have a lot of ideas brewing, things I HAVE to do and things I WANT to do, but I have to prioritize and start making plans for said stuff. Things I have to do, and soon, include completing school applications, as the deadlines are coming up within the next 2 months. I also have to backtrack and get in touch with professors whom I meant to ask about letters of recommendation from, I don't want to be rude about this, but I think I'm already starting out late with that.

Things I want to do include finishing up my SketchBook Project sketchbook (which has to be post-marked by January 15th, 6 days left....), finally post SOMETHING, ANYTHING to my poor empty Esty shop, clean my "studio space" (again), and just work on some ideas I've had swimming around my brain. I want this, 2011, to be a good year. I've finally realized that all of the wonderful, amazing things I wish for have to come from me, and me alone. It will take perseverance, trust, courage, and a little will-power. I have incredibly supportive friends and family, and the whole world to reveal myself to. It's a good thing. 2011 is going to be a good thing.

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