Monday, January 3, 2011

Pre-New Years Resolution

I'm a rabbit so I'm super excited that this is the year of the bunny! It has to be a good year!

The tricky thing about New Years Resolutions is not creating goals and starting them (I find that to be the most exciting part!), it's sticking to them. I know for a fact that if I jumped feet first into a new mission full-throttle, I'd give up in a week or two, once the enthusiasm-juice dries up. I start with the excuses, or decide it's not important anymore. I'm really bad at giving in to my "future self." I knew I needed to make my New Years Resolution easy and attainable in the begin, so backing out would be difficult.

1) Don't wait for New Years to create new habits. To give my resolution a chance, I decided to start before New Years. If it starts to become an establish habit, I though, maybe it will have a chance of persevering through January. Lose "5lbs Before Christmas" was born! After Thanksgiving I felt really gross and doughy, so the following Monday I went to the gym at my school.

2) Break it down into baby steps, things that are easy to accomplish weekly. I only went to the gym once that week, but that's okay, because it was an improvement upon the previous zero times a week. The following two weeks, I went to the gym twice a week. Savor those baby steps. I chose to be mindful of my calories, but not obsess over numbers. Some days I missed the mark, but that's okay, because as long as I stick to it, I know it's an improvement on what I wasn't doing before I started this mission.

3) Don't beat yourself up over bad days. Keep this experience positive, and forgive yourself if you do't follow the plan perfectly. Every effort towards your goal, even if you only get it done once a week, is better than giving up. The more negativity you create around not being perfect, the more you will resent the goal, and that's not good.

4) Reward yourself for the little wins I reached my goal of 5lbs before Christmas, and got to enjoy lots of delicious food and sweets as my reward. It's actually what kept me motived, knowing that all those goodies were waiting for me. Reward yourself often! It will keep you motived.

Now that the holidays have passed, it's time to go back to the gym (my school gym reopens Tuesday) and start being mindful of what I eat again. Remember guys to stay positive and set yourself up for success! Every single time you get yourself to do an action towards your goal, it's a good day!

Good luck and Happy New Years!!!

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