Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Pokemon Profile Picture Month!!!

I'm Butterfree!!!

I think this little event gets me giddy because it's fun to see your FaceBook feed become decorated with pokemon. It's also interesting to see who chooses what. So if you have a FB page, don't forget to change your profile picture to your favorite pocket monster for the month of December :D

I found my copy of Kawaii Bento Boxes cookbook hidden under some magazines & started flipping through the pages, remembering that I had bought riceball making supplies a while ago & never made any. So, I dug out the rice & pickled plums (but for the life of me can't find the giant sheet of nori, how do you lose a giant package of seaweed!?) and served up my first authentic bento lunch!

plain onigiri (with pickled plums), candied carrots, ham rolled into hollowed cherry tomatoes, fruit salad

Sorry for the cell phone photo, it's all I had at the moment before I tucked my lunch into the fridge. And yes, it is in a boring take out container... honestly, the super cute children bentos are too tiny. Hopefully I'll find something adorable and in a suitable size for my food one day, until then, function over cuteness I suppose! I can't wait to bring it to school tomorrow, what a satisfying feeling cooking your own food is :)

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  1. Cute!! The ham stuffed tomatoes are a great idea! I agree, the bento boxes are never big enough. I use them anyway because they are cute but only as snack boxes. Maybe you can put a sticker on the clear lid?