Tuesday, October 26, 2010

such a night owl

I suppose that's what happens when you sleep all day :) But I needed to sleep so badly, and it was wonderful. Class wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I felt bad that I was falling behind in my work, but I gotta stop feeling that way. Two weeks out of the studio, and stepping right back into it felt so wonderful, I couldn't believe I had been away for as long as I have! The moment I stepped in there was a fellow student's miniature salt kiln, and we engaged in conversation over it. I love talking geek over ceramics. *wants to build own raku kiln*

If there is anything I NEED to do for myself in the upcoming days, it's devoting some time to personal art making. I haven't touched a single ball of clay to make anything for myself since August. AUGUST! That was almost 2 months ago! I think I want to start a new creative challenge called "clay doodles." Take a 1lb ball of clay, and make SOMETHING, ANYTHING! Like doodling in a sketchbook, it's an exercise to keep myself involved with the material and explore new ideas with out being too serious. I'll start a goal of doing this once a week, doesn't sound bad, does it?

I'm sure I could alternate some of my "avoiding homework time" for "clay-doodle time." As long as I'm avoiding homework, might as well make it useful to me, right?


  1. I think your "clay doodle" idea is fantastic!! Not only will it keep you creative and making things but I know for myself, crafting really keeps me happy and even lets me work through whatever problems and issues I may be facing. It's very relazing and just "me time". I hope you do it and share what you make!!

  2. thanks! hopefully i'll find time this week to squeeze out my first one! will have photos, definately! it's so important to stay creative. "ABC - always be creative."