Friday, October 15, 2010

let's try this out

Novice (i.e., crankypants):

First, whatever you’re feeling cranky about, say in response, “FUCK IT.” You’ll instantly feel better.
Write down a list of things you’re grateful for, first thing when you wake up. That’s all. See how it affects your mood.

Waking up late has definately put me in a bad mood. I'm doing more of that self-sabatage stuff, UHG!

so.... FUCK IT.

Things I am Greatful for:
- phone calls with my boyfriend
- the cute little kitten I'm taking care of
- my sister for helping with the kitten
- taking a hot shower
- Oliver being cute with the kitten
- pending camping trip this weekend, having a night with friends & creativity
- coffee waiting for me on the pot
- drinking coffee out of a hand-made mug
- getting the chance to see a friend who's visiting from school
- the ability to have a job and earn money
- time to go finish my homework tonight
- a clean bedroom

wow, i do feel better. if you're wondering where this exercise came from, check out Jessica Mullen's School of Life Design I'm on Lesson 4 :)

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