Friday, October 1, 2010

bean's nommins

bean's instant play area is great except for she put a hole in the family room carpet (not good, if my dad ever sees it, her and i are both dead). so, bean was cage-bound for a short while until i came up with an alternate solution.

i was inspired by The Brooklyn Bunny, Roebling's new flooring, which are simply made up of carpet squares. i looked around at some super fun designs (i would love to do something with bright and dark green alternating) but unfortunately carpet squares aren't something i can afford right now, although the tightly woven knit might be perfect for bean's bad chewing habits.

just bought this 4 x 6ft jute rug from for $28.00, free shipping whutwhut! i hope the knitting is pretty tight and somewhat heavy so bean can't just kick it up. the size fits the play pen perfectly when in a rectangle position. worst case scenario, i use the ceramic tiles to weigh down each corner. and if bean tried to nom, it's a natural fiber. hopefully this will work!!!

i will destroy the worldz!!!!!!!

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