Wednesday, September 15, 2010

solar powered fun

one of the classes i'm taking this semester is sculpture II. it works a lot like an independent study, where the student proposes the project idea for the professor to approve. i'm working on something that involves making my own solar powered "sun jars."

taking things apart can be fun sometimes. & the pumpkin is a fun side project :D spoilers!

let it glow

i'm still in the experimental phases before i decide exactly how i want to construct the rest of my sun jars. my professor wants me to look into configuring the solar lights myself instead of tearing apart garden lights. we'll see!


  1. Coool! It looks like a magical potion jar!

    Also, I think your new profile pic is pretty rad!

  2. ohhh yay! i'm aming for magical!

    & thanks<3

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