Friday, August 13, 2010

well i'm just terrible

on pay day, i was thinking all about how i planned to save money this session, maybe not use my credit card, and begin a game plan to pay off my bills and save money... become somewhat financially stable, ya know?

instead, i....

bought $75lbs of clay (which i needed, but still, cost ~$50!)

bought this lovely OOAK cardigan from Em & Sprout

shamelessly bought this doctor who tee from thanks to folks from doctoreleven

oh, and wendy's for dinner the other night D:

maybe next week will be better. unfortunately i don't make very much, and get paid weekly which some say is tougher on savings. i have two ideas for motivators during this money mission... for every $100 i successfully save, i will grant myself one tee to buy (because i just love my indy tees!)... if i can PAY OFF my almost $1500 in credit card bills (stupid, stupid me), i will allow myself to go back into debt for a sweet digital camera. just gotta start making the right decisions!

1 comment:

  1. that cardigan is effing adorable!!
    I just started a whole budget for myself a few months ago and have been pretty good about sticking to since I have a student loan to pay off and save for a trip to vegas in january.
    a tip that might help...for every paychek, i write down exactly what I have to pay with it and then i know what i have left to use or put in savings. It's worked for me for 2 months so far!