Tuesday, December 29, 2009

movies, copyright, ect

My friend Kirstin and I watched the first Twilight movie. I read the book a little while ago and wanted to see how awful the movie supposedly was. There were some laughable moments, like the weird way Edward runs, or his goofy stares, and the glitter scene = LUL.... but overall I didn't think it was too bad. Let's just say, I'm ready to read the next book (and secretly imagine my boyfriend is Edward, and I'm whats-her-face, lol).

I do think it's sad that the author of Twilight, Stephanie Meyer's trust and work were violated when a rough draft to the new book, Midnight Sun, was released way early and without her permission. It's pretty crummy, for whoever chose to do that, because it could ruin it for others. I personally don't care for an Edward POV, in my opinion he's pretty much on one plane of dimensionality and I prefer hearing the story from Bella's side. It just feels more compelling. Then again, maybe I should read the rough draft and give it a shot before I shoot it down *shrugs*

Any who, "Pump Up the Volume," a teen movie featuring Christian Slater was on earlier this evening. It's a good story about free speech, sticking up for what you believe in, and being yourself. I recommend it to anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of watching it. Watching motivation flicks like such motivate me. I hope they do the same for you. What great things do you feel you can accomplish after reading/watching/seeing/hearing motivation material? What dreams do you think you could accomplish?



  1. Motivation movies and books give me invincibility POWERZ! Actually they are more of a reminder to believe in myself. Maybe I should say it a lot at the end of each sentence like Naruto. Believe it!!!! XD